How to Be a Leader Not a Boss

Posted by Cathy Segarra on Jul 24, 2017 10:05:00 AM
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The way you manage people shows in the quality of work they provide. Training, engaging, and praising your employees make for a more enjoyable workplace. The difference between a leader and a boss shows through your employees and the service your company is trying to sell. 

brooke-lark-194253.jpgTo get quality work and create a happy workplace for your employees, follow these tips, and enjoyable GIFs, on how to be a leader not a boss.

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A Boss Drives People, But A Leader Coaches:


People have respect and look up to a coach like figure, but are more uncomfortable around their boss. Demanding or commanding your employees will only make unhappy employees and create a high turnover rate. Instead, lead them and coach them to be the best they can be and you will create a since of loyalty from your employees.

A Boss Inspires Fear, But A Leader Inspires Enthusiasm:


As previously mentioned, people are usually not comfortable approaching their boss. People should not fear you, but inspire to be you. Encourage your employees and make them feel welcomed to come to you when they need your assistance, instead of making them feel inferior. You should want to grow your employees, not make them feel like they are an incontinence. 

A Boss Uses People, But A Leader Develops Them:

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Your employees are your greatest assets. Instead of using them for your own gain, develop and train them into becoming leaders themselves. People are an investment within your company and should be treated as such. If you take the time to invest in your employees, then they will invest their time and effort to excel at their jobs.

A Boss Commands, But A Leader Asks:

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When someone is commanded to do something, then they can develop more reluctance to do the task efficiently. But if you ask your employees to do something, then they will feel less pressure and more willingness to do it with the best of their ability. Utilizing professional communication and having more a conversation with your employees will merit your more respect.

A Boss Takes The Credit, But A Leader Gives credit:


A company would not function without the little guys keeping it up and running. Give credit where it is due because, without your employees at every level, your company would never be as successful as it is today.

Having the tendencies of a boss is easy to fall into, but being a leader takes work. You must practice patience, attentiveness, and invest in your employees. Fight to pay attention every day to how you manage your employees, and the rewards that come from maintaining a leadership persona will be worth the extra effort.

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