5 Ways communication can improve workplace morale

Posted by Cathy Segarra on Jul 26, 2017 10:01:00 AM
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High workplace morale is needed for productivity, employee retention, and long-term success, and nothing hurts workplace morale like poor communications

rawpixel-com-296618.jpgWithout good, professional communication, employees are left in the dark. They are unaware of policy changes till the last minute, they aren’t informed on the progression path of the company or themselves, and overall miscommunication occurs in every department.

A company’s success lies within the success of their employees. So when communication falls, so does the morale in the workplace and eventually, the success of the organization altogether.

So, to prevent this downfall follows these five ways communication can improve workplace morale:

1. Provide a Clear Vision

It is difficult to invest in a company when you don’t know where it is going, or where you are going. Companies need to share their plans for the future with all their employees. If the employees know where the leadership wants to take the company, then they can get it there. There also needs to be a clear vision of the growth path of the employees. This is one of the biggest reason why people leave because they don’t see growth. If the leadership would communicate to all employees a growth path for their careers, then they are giving these employees an incentive to stay long-term.

2. Always Keep Everyone Informed.

Whether through weekly emails, or instant messaging, always keep everyone informed. Policies change and things happen, but if people aren’t informed of these changes, then things can hit the fan pretty quickly. Customer will get angry, and employees will be confused. Getting used to notifying everyone every time something in the plans change can take time, but practicing this type of communication is a way to keep the stress levels down for the employees and keeping your customers happy.

3. Accountability

The workplace should be a team, working together for the success of their organization. Leaders need to hold their teammates accountable to do their part in achieving the overall goal. There needs to be communication on who does what and to make sure that it gets done. Whether in sales, marketing, or operations, people need to communicate to one another and hold each other accountable.

4. Open Door Policy

This one should be a no brainer, but it is easier said than done. Leaders should make their employees feel like they can come to them at any time. Open communication between leaders and their employees increases the relationship and is important for employees to feel wanted and welcomed within their company. Leaders also need to be informed on what is going on within their organization. This way then can address any problems before they get out of hand, and employees can feel a since of loyalty to their boss. If a leader separates him from his employees, then this important relationship no longer exists, and there is no incentive of loyalty from the employee to their leader.

5. Motivation

Leaders, encourage your employees! Sales can be difficult and a long day in the office can be draining. So, verbally encourage and motive all the hard working employees that are investing their time to your organization. Recognize the people who go above and beyond in their work, reward loyalty and longevity, and give your employees something to be proud of. People want to be happy where they work, and it is part of the leader's job to make the workplace one of encouragement.

I will always emphasize that your employees are your greatest assets. Without them, Google would not be where it is today, and there would have never been a man on the moon. Invest, train, grow, and develop the people who look up to you! Increase the communication and relieve the stress that comes with a busy job. Practice these five ways communication can improve workplace morale and watch the continual success of your company.

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